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The Road Less Traveled Film

Following certain classic horror tropes while turning others on their heads The Road Less Traveled is a horror/thriller film directed by Lindsay Barrasse, written by Bridget LaMonica, produced by Voyager Video in association with Ron Augelli, and production design by Desiree Zielinski.

The Road Less Traveled Film Poster

American Hasi Film 

American Hasi is a documentary following stand-up comedian Tushar Singh as he embarks on a month-long comedy tour across India. American Hasi explores how comedy is often used as a tool for self-exploration. Directed by Laura Asherman from Forage Films. 

American Hasi Film Poster

Saint of Darkness Stage Play

Set in 1979 and based on very real events, Saint of Darkness finds a madman preying on young girls at night in Northeast Philadelphia. Written by Jeff Boam. 

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Power Lines Film

A short documentary about the expansion of Plant Vogtle, a nuclear power plant located in Waynesboro, Georgia. The addition of two nuclear reactors has proven to be a black hole for both the citizens and the state. Directed by Laura Asherman of Forage Films.

Power Lines Film Poster

Charlie Chaplin's Body Film

Jeff Boam’s debut short film screened as part of the Scranton Fringe Festival. This comedy chronicles the

real-life events surrounding the theft of a certain comedian's remains by two unemployed mechanics--as

a black and white short subject.

Charlie Chaplin's Body Film Poster

Behind the Six Stage Play

Set in South Boston, and based on a real crime, Behind the Six presents an unlikely Christmas Eve reunion of six neighborhood criminals. Written by Jeff Boam. 

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